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How it works for Buyer

To buy event tickets, select an event from the home page or the upcoming event page; this will take you to the Event page.

On the Event page, select the ticket type or class and the number of tickets you wish to buy, and add to cart. To increase the number of tickets click/press on the plus sign(+), also to reduce the number of tickets click/press on the minus sign(-).

On the “Cart Page” click on proceed to checkout; on the “Checkout Page” enter all the required details, select your preferred payment option and click on “Place Order” to make your purchase.

For payment made online – once the payment process is completed, your barcode ticket(s) will be sent immediately to the email address you provided. While for the offline payments – once your payment is confirmed, your barcode ticket(s) will be sent to the email address you provided.

How it works for Organiser

To create and sell event tickets on, you need to contact us via email.

Submit the following details about your Event 

  • EVENT TITLE: Enter the name of the event,
  • EVENT DESCRIPTION: Enter a brief description of what the event is about,
  • EVENT TIME & DATE: Enter event start/end time and date,
  • EVENT IMAGE:  event banner (dimension:1600 × 1065),
  • EVENT CATEGORIES: The type of category for your event.
  • VENUE DETAILS: Provide a detailed venue details about your event
  • ORGANISER DETAILS: Provide organizer detail of your event,
  • EVENT COST: Be specific about the cost of your event. Please note, if your event has more than one ticket type/class, kindly contact our support team after submission, so we can help with further customization of your event ticket.

We will review and approve the submitted event within 48 hours.